Fr Prof. Ioan SAUCA, (Orthodox Church in Romania), is the Director of the WCC’s Ecumenical Institute in Bossey, attached to the University of Geneva, Switzerland, from  January 2001. He has first joined the World Council of Churches in 1994 as Executive Secretary for Orthodox Studies and Relationship in Mission and since 1998 he has been serving as Professor of Missiology and Systematic/Ecumenical Theology at the Bossey Ecumenical Institute . 

Prior to joining the WCC he taught mission and ecumenism at the faculty of theology in Sibiu, Romania and later served his Patriarchate as head of the newly established Department of Press and Communication with additional responsibility for the Department for External and Ecumenical Church Relations and of religious education in public schools.

Fr. Ioan studied at the Theological Faculties in Sibiu and Bucharest, Romania and is an alumnus of the Bossey Ecumenical Institute. He obtained his Ph.D. in Theology (Missiology) at the University of Birmingham, UK with the thesis on “The missionary implications of Eastern Orthodox Ecclesiology”.

Some of his publications are:

“The Church beyond our boundaries and the ecumenical vocation of Orthodoxy”;

“What is the meaning of staying together in prayer, in worship and discernment of the will of God? An Orthodox approach”,

“The authority to serve in a community of love: An orthodox perspective on authority in the Church”

„Santiago de Compostela - Ein wichtiger Schritt auf dem Weg zu umfassender christlicher Koinonia; Growing together into full koinonia – Orthodox considerations“;

“The development of the Sacrament of Baptism and its practice during centuries”;

“Orthodox considerations on the ecumenical document BEM”;

“Eglise locale”

“Orthodoxy and cultures : Inter-Orthodox consultation on gospel and cultures” (editor)

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