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Divine Compassion and Human Trafficking


  • For the Orthodox Christian Church to be a living beacon of conscience against the commodification of human persons, reflecting the Light of Christ in the darkness of Human Trafficking globally and locally.


  • Collaborate with others already in this arena- not to duplicate efforts, but rather, to build bridges enhancing the effective work already taking place.
  • Cultivate an Orthodox Christian conversation, perspective and witness of Divine Compassion and Human Trafficking in collaboration with others by:

Sponsoring various types of general educational programming that foster a   contemporary Orthodox Christian hermeneutic on Divine Compassion (theion eleos), the ministry of women and men in the life of the Church and “orthopraxia”.

Developing specific targeted programming cultivating theological inquiry and research, spiritual reflection, pastoral education, community participation and appropriate action and outreach related to Divine Compassion and Human Trafficking.

While trusting and bearing witness to the Divine Compassion, promoting ways to build bridges, alliances and networks among members (groups) of the Orthodox Church to challenge societal indifference to Human Trafficking.

  • Advocate to local and national government representatives for protection of victims of human trafficking and address the root causes of human trafficking.       

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