Saint Catherine’s Vision (SCV) announces a new social outreach ministry “Divine Compassion and Christ in the Everyday”

May 8, 2020

Saint Catherine’s Vision (SCV) is pleased to announce a new pilot diakonima or social outreach ministry. Remarkable expressions of compassion demonstrated by others responding to the Covid-19 pandemic has inspired us to develop a teleconference outreach ministry.  This ministry is titled “Divine Compassion and Christ in the Everyday”

The inaugural, Spring-Summer 2020 session is titled: “Living the Beatitudes: Everyday Encounters on the Spiritual Journey”. We pray this diakonima may serve as a respite from social distancing. We hope this ministry will help participants experience more authentic connections with others who are also seeking to learn more about their faith “in the Everyday”.

For nine weekly sessions, educational and spiritually supportive, teleconferencing groups will be offered for interested adults. Various aspects of Orthodox Christian spirituality, theology and/or psychology in everyday context will be the central focus of each group. Prayer, scriptural and/or sacred reading, reflection and group discussion will comprise the four main modalities employed to engage each weekly theme. Reflections from group leaders will be regularly shared with SCV’s readership through social media. 

We pray this diakonima may be of service to participants as a spiritually supportive, contemplation of the Compassionate God. We anticipate releasing details very soon, as we hope to begin the last week of May 2020.  This diakonima is a work in progress and a shared learning experience for us. We ask our friends and readers to “Save the approximate Dates” as enrollment will be limited. Kindly, help us by enrolling promptly, after dates and times are released!

Please, feel free to share this announcement with friends you think may also be interested, as we ask you to pray for us!