SCV Announces A New Pilot Diakonima or Social Outreach Ministry

May 27, 2020

Saint Catherine’s Vision (SCV) is pleased to announce a new pilot diakonima or social outreach ministry. Inspired by heroic responses to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have developed a teleconference outreach ministry titled “Divine Compassion and Christ in the Everyday”.  The inaugural, Spring-Summer 2020 session is titled: “Living the Beatitudes: Everyday Encounters on the Spiritual Journey”. We hope this initiative will help participants experience more authentic connections with others who are also seeking to learn more about their faith “in the Everyday”.

For nine weekly sessions, educational and spiritually supportive, teleconferencing groups will be offered for interested adults. Various aspects of Orthodox Christian spirituality, theology and/or psychology in everyday context will be the central focus of each group led by a team of facilitators. Learn more about them BY CLICKING HERE.

The application deadline is time-sensitive! Applications must be submitted by Saturday, May 30th.   PLEASE CLICK HERE TO REGISTER:

Please enjoy an excerpt from our recent facilitator mini-teleconference on the Beatitudes!