Seeking Specialists’ Through “Call for Proposals” for SCV’s “Divine Compassion and Human Trafficking ‘Diakonima’”

December 19, 2015

Feast Day of Saint Catherine of Alexandria, November 2015, Sandwich, Massachusetts: Saint Catherine’s Vision (SCV) recently announced their “Call for Proposals” requesting help from qualified persons desiring to assist in their first public service ministry or “diakonima” on “Divine Compassion and Human Trafficking”.

The objective of this courageous initiative is to facilitate dialogue and bridge-building through a competent and safe platform to help establish a pan-Orthodox Christian response to the on-going tragedy of Human Trafficking.  “As God blesses,” states Dr. Kyriaki FitzGerald, Executive Director of SCV and Adjunct Professor in Theology at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, “we envision cultivating a dialogue to help promote  sound collaborative initiatives across Orthodox Christian jurisdictions, agencies and interested persons. . . Together, we desire to humbly bear witness to the unconditional love of God, while bringing a measure of competent, practical relief to facilitate healing and liberation in as many contexts as possible.” 

SCV is planning to bring together a small, select pan-Orthodox group of experienced theologians, leaders and practitioners whose proven work and expertise directly engage in this domain of ministry or service. “We are extending this invitation to respected non-Orthodox experts in the field, as well,” added Dr. FitzGerald.

In order to help build the first phase of this collaborative framework, SCV anticipates a three to five year process of private consultations, which hopefully will also be organized in conjunction with an annual public event (e.g. a lectureship or conference), so that Orthodox Christians and the general public may benefit from these conversations and service.

Saint Catherine's Vision is an international, pan-Orthodox Christian, non-profit organization.  SCV brings women theologians together with ordained and lay servant-leaders addressing contemporary concerns in a manner that is established in and accountable to the living tradition and canonical heritage of the Eastern Orthodox Church.  Founded in 2001, SCV is an endorsed organization of the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America. 

CLICK HERE for a copy of the “Call for Proposals.”

For further information about SCV's initiative, "Divine Compassion and Human Trafficking" CLICK HERE.