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Dr. Kyriaki FitzGerald Receives Hellenic College Holy Cross School of Theology 2016 Alumni of the Year Award
Metropolitan Kallistos of Diokleia and Dr. Kyriaki FitzGerald
Co-Keynote International Orthodox Women's Conference in London
September 11-13, 2015
Distinguished Lectureship Series: Divine Compassion and Restoring the Human Icon June 20, 2015
DivineCompassion and Women of the Church: Theological Perspectives Conference 2014


Divine Compassion Conference: Orthodox Christians in Service of 'Perfect Love' 2013


SCV March 2013 Meeting

SCV March 2013 Meeting


JUNE 2011 Women Disciples of the Lord: Summer Conference


Archived Photos

Professor Evangelos Theodorou

June 2008:  Fr. Thomas FitzGerald who at the time was Dean of Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology in Brookline, MA and Dr. Kyriaki FitzGerald with Professor Evangelos Theodorou in Athens. Professor Theodorou advocates for the rejuvenation of the ministry of deaconesses.  He sees this as an important response to faithfully “discerning the signs of the times” for “the building up of the body of Christ” today.

Elizabeth Ber-Sigel

June 2005: Dr. Kyriaki FitzGerald with Dr. Elisabeth Behr-Sigel overlooking Boston Harbor before she left the United States for the last time.  She is receiving the first copy of Orthodox Women Speak: Discerning the “Signs of the Times”. This volume is dedicated to her. Upon receiving all copies of Saint Catherine Vision’s work to date, as well as documents outlining hopes and ideas for the future so that she could offer advice after her return home, holding the packages closely, she insisted, “the future for the Orthodox Church today for the ministry of women comes from America!”

August 1985: Beloved and much missed friend, Fr. Thomas Hopko of blessed memory, sitting with Dr. Kyriaki FitzGerald and Fr. Thomas FitzGerald attending their first international Faith and Order Commission meeting in Stavanger, Norway.

20th Century Armenian Female Deacon-Nuns in Constantinople

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The Entrance of the Theotokos into the Temple
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Professor Evangelos Theodorou’s of blessed memory original research in Greek on deaconesses is now available!

Click on the links below: 

 Volume I Heroines of Love: Deaconesses through the Age

Volume II Ordination or Appointment of Deaconesses



"Let us praise Catherine the radiant bride of Christ, guardian of Sinai, our helper and supporter. By the power of the Spirit, she silenced the arrogance of the ungodly. Crowned as a martyr, she now implores great mercy for all."